6 million Euros in the case of Cristina and nearly 15 million


Widely covered cases in Britain

uk canada goose outlet Although over 230,000 money laundering instances are currently being investigated across the United Kingdom, the media coverage attracted by MQM Chief Altaf Hussain case in both England and Pakistan has been canada goose outlet in chicago exceptionally extensive. uk canada goose outlet

Another money laundering and tax fraud case that has consumed a lot of print space and air time of canada goose jacket outlet uk British, American and European media houses in recent months is the one pertaining to the likely prosecution of Princess Cristina de Borbon, the sister of sitting Spanish King Felipe VI and the daughter of Spain King Juan Carlos who abdicated in favour of his son.

The 49 year old Princess Cristina is due to stand trial on canada goose outlet store new york tax fraud charges anytime during 2015 and canada goose outlet in montreal is thus all set to become the first Spanish royal to face prosecution.

On December 22, 2014, innumerable Spanish and international media outlets had reported that Spanish prosecutors were conducting an investigation into the affairs of Cristina husband, former Olympic handball player Inaki Urdangarin, for four years.

Spanish prosecutors have already ordered Princess Cristina, her husband Urdangarin and 15 others to stand trial in a money laundering case that involves an amount of 6 million Euros (US $8 million dollars).

The Spanish couple had been ordered to deposit funds with the court to cover possible liabilities.

The amount is 2.6 million Euros in the case of Cristina and nearly 15 million Euros for her husband, Urdanganrin.

cheap canada goose uk Media had quoted Spanish judges as saying that Cristina was canada goose outlet london uk suspected of two counts of co operation in tax fraud and one of money laundering, while her husband was accused of embezzlement and fraud. cheap canada goose uk

uk canada goose In court appearances, Princess Cristina and her husband have been denying any wrongdoing. uk canada goose

(Reference: A December 22, 2014 report of Reuters)

Believed to have https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com been practised in one form or the other for thousands of years, when affluent merchants used to move their wealth beyond the grasp of local rulers to avert confiscation, a serious money laundering case is surely haunting the ailing MQM boss Altaf Hussain in London.

When he was first arrested in London on suspicion of money laundering on June 3, 2014 and then granted bail after four days, Altaf Hussain name had featured on the list of a few very well known Pakistanis handcuffed canada goose jacket outlet toronto in Britain on charges like shop lifting and match fixing.

Before Altaf Hussain, a Pakistani politician was arrested in London for stealing a garment.

And in November 2011, a few Pakistani crickters were jailed in the conspiracy to bowl deliberate no balls in last year Test match against England.

buy canada goose jacket In recent past, money laundering charges have led to the embarrassment and conviction of numerous famous rulers like Nigeria dictator canada goose factory outlet toronto location Sani Abacha, former Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos, Panama Manuel Noriega, Taiwan Chen Shui bian, former Ukrainian Premier Pavlo Lazarenko, former Guatemala President Alfonso Portillo, Congo former head of state Mobutu Sese Seko and Indonesia ex President Suharto etc. In May 2014, the son of president of oil rich Equatorial Guinea, Teodorin Obiang, was also charged with money laundering. buy canada goose jacket

In 2008, former Israeli Finance Minister, Avraham Hirschson, was sentenced to five years in prison for theft and money laundering.

canada goose store In June 2014, the son of the all time great canada goose outlet online reviews Brazilian football legend Pele had been sentenced to 33 years in prison after he was found guilty of laundering money for an alleged drugs cartel. canada goose store

Pele son Naldinho was accused of controlling a large proportion of the drugs moving through the country south east region, including the supply of cocaine to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, but has been on the run from police for more than five years.

Canada Goose Jackets (Reference: The June 1, 2014 edition of The Independent) Canada Goose Jackets

Moreover, quite a few internationally trusted banks like the Bank of New York, the Standard Chartered Bank of Britain, the HSBC bank, a Costa Rica based centralised digital currency service Reserve, the London branch of South Africa Standard Bank and a French bank BNP Paribas etc were fined heavily for being involved in money laundering.

canada goose coats on sale Simply put, the classic cheap canada goose understanding of money laundering is a three stage process whereby funds obtained through or generated by criminal activity are converted into another asset, often by deposit into a financial institution, and subsequently moved or concealed in order to obscure the link between the crime and the funds it generated. canada goose coats on sale

(References: The November 9, 2005, the December 6, 2012, the December 11, 2012 and the June 30, 2014 editions of the New York Times)

As far as the British criminal laws and courts are concerned, they have also been very strict against their own people of any stature.

canada goose Police had recovered uncovered a half gram of morphine, 200 grams of hashish and a cigarette rolling machine with traces of marijuana from John Lennon bedroom with the help of drug sniffing dogs. At trial, Lennon had pled guilty to the charge and had received a fine and a warning that another drug possession offence would lead to a year in jail. canada goose

In December 2008, former England Cricket all rounder Chris Lewis had been canada goose outlet england charged with attempting to smuggle 3.37 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of more than 200,000 pounds into Britain. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

canada goose uk black friday Apart from these afore cited precedents, a good number of British legislators like Conservative Home Secretary Reginald Maudling, Labour Council leader Dan Smith, Junior Defence Minister Lambton, Earl Jellicoe, eminent politician Jeffrey Howard Archer and Conservative MP Mark Pritchard etc either had to resign on corruption charges or were sentenced to imprisonment after they were found guilty of financial wrong doings canada goose uk black friday.


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