A excellent selection of cocktails is available


Lots of nice mid century furniture, white walls, vintage books on the shelves, and artwork and curiosities from the local creative community.Bathrooms are classy, too exactly the kind of black and white sanctuaries you are no doubt already imagining.The City Of Light shines by nightThere is a restaurant space, and the lobby kind of doubles as the bar (though it was never crowded during our stay), and there’s a wonderful room where you can drink and eat which they call The Library on account of the tens of cool coffee table books that line the walls. I seriously could have stayed in there for the whole trip and you can take the books away to browse in your room.The whole thing is brought together under the Henderson Bar name (named after one of the founding fathers of the Notting Hill Carnival, Russell Henderson).A excellent selection of cocktails is available, with classics as well as signature recipes (like the Laslett Cup slow gin loaded with ice, lemon tonic and citrus), and the food is simple yet sophisticated and wildly reasonable in price given the quality Thai green chicken curry served with fragrant jasmine rice for right down to soup of the day with a roll for I have no idea why you would ever want to leave the hotel, but they do let you out. And when you do venture forth, you realise that not only is The Laslett perfect inside, it looks amazing from the outside too.

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