Either train low mobility healer or melee to stack all death


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canada goose uk shop Good morning, I been a disc main for about 80% of Legion, and due to guild drama I found myself with enough time to grind a druid to 110. I been playing since mid TBC and canada goose outlet vancouver have absolutely zero experience with druid (and warrior, and DK, and mage, but those are different stories) in any aspect canada goose uk and would like to give resto a try. Unfortunately, I seem to be having trouble transitioning from my priestly ways, despite there being some similarities (theoretical, at least) between the two. canada goose uk shop

cheap Canada Goose The biggest issue I having is a. lack of results, I guess is the best way to put it? I layer my hots (currently running germination) and can stop them from losing health, but that it. Whatever is lost takes that much more effort to recoup and overall it feels like I always playing a game of catch up. Rewards good melee players for outplaying opponent to maintain uptime with good dmg/pressure and also rewards good melee and non melee players for outplaying their melee opponent canada goose outlet online store and gimping their uptime and/or burst without risking any of your uptime. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale Ret was strong but easy as hell to kite, pop defensives during wings or cc/kite then its pretty much ezpz. Most decent or better rets wouldnt canada goose jacket uk pop wings til they had a 3 holy power inquisition active but even then it was really easy to guess when rets were going to burst.(usually inquisiton into hoj into burst or inquisition into hoj then a couple gcds later pop wings + trinkets) canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats They destroyed warriors by removing intercept and replacing it with heroic leap(you couldnt heroic leap up small inclines without getting “path not available” more than 50% of the time so they basically took away intercept and made you pray to rng that you can leap(even though its easy to escape after leap since most other classes had better slows than warriors did and leap didnt stun or slow) canada goose coats

buy canada goose jacket Enh canada goose outlet official sham was good in canada goose discount uk cata canada goose outlet seattle but really gimmicky(try to kill during swifty[trinkets + ascendance + w/e other racials/offensive abilities/trinkets they have and try to vaporize whoever they could on the enemy team but if they didnt kill they were most likely screwed since enemy team will just train shaman since all he has for defensives is sham rage. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose factory sale DKs were still really good but were much easier to play against in cata. All they had was grip, chains of ice, strangulate and pet stun if they were unholy spec. Necrotic strike played a huge role in the strength of pvp dks in cata. Either train low mobility healer or melee to stack all death runes. hard swap to healer, pop burst, stun or silence, spam necrotic then pop empower rune weapon to instantly refill all death runes and keep stacking up necrotic strike and most cases it would be too high for the enemy to heal through to survive through the incoming damage since they get 0 heals. canada goose factory sale

canada http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com goose coats on sale Ghostcrawler(old lead pvp dev from i think either vanilla cata or tbc cata) said he was leaving blizzard at the end of cata(said this at the end of wrath) and the pvp balance from the start of cata to the 2nd patch of cata makes it feel like ghostcrawler just kind of stopped trying and wanted to make RMX and MLX the best overall canada goose outlet comps in 3v3 arena and mage rogue in 2v2 arena. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets Also RIP Single Minded Fury, 2H frost dks, mastery stacking surv hunter(in cata when their mastery increased all magic dmg they did by X% so their dots did pretty nice damage[while still having decent non dot damage.] It felt soooo good proccing lock and load[next 2 explosive shots have no cost and no cd{you want to wait for the first explosive shot dot to fall off first or itll override instead of add remaining dmg to new dot} then there was also black arrow and serpent sting.] goose outlet canada I might be canada goose factory outlet remembering wrong but i think in canada goose outlet black friday cata lock and load also increased the dmg of those 2 free explosive shots. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose Anyways tldr = i view classic and bfa as separate entities but i am excited for BfA, only complaints are GCD changes and wet noodle dmg(either remove GCD changes or lower uptime in return for meaningful damage since we cant stacks offensive cds anymore without wasting a lot of value on the first cds casted). I would like the squish to give lower numbers at 120 but i can live with current numbers. Ty for reading my 2 essays lol. canada goose

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canada goose store Even if it doesn last til your retirement there is always private servers. Also the longer time goes by the more people want to make a pserver for the next xpac(not wod though lol). 1 2years ago it was all about vanilla and wotlk(tbc was too ridiculous to code without being pretty janky. its a lot better now though.) Then iirc 6 9months ago a Cata pserver opened up that was doing pretty decent. Also some long running MoP servers but those projects update super slow(iirc also the MoP server pop is mostly hungarian and they sometimes dont like non hungarian speaking players and ive heard are pretty toxic overall) unless that changed recently and are super inconsistent compared to vanilla wotlk pservers. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap So fear not, if WoW is 100% dead by your retirement(including wowclassic) you still be able to play wow with any xpac of your choosing (: I doubt it will die though imo, I feel when sub numbers get super dangerously low they make wow F2P or lower sub cost then flood the store with microtransaction pets, mounts, transmog etc to compensate(although I pretty sure a lot of income is made off of wow tokens) buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance Even if wow makes canada goose outlet store calgary little to no money I sure blizzard wouldnt close it since they could just take a super tiny fraction of the insane amount of profit made from Hearthstone to keep WoW at the very least online even if little to no patches. canada goose outlet belgium canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale So hyped for canada goose outlet boston wowclassic though, hopefully blizz drops some new info/interviews canada goose outlet online on the current state of wowclassic(if its close to closed alpha/beta/open beta) or even if blizzard has decided on how they want wowclassic to be done(starting at first wow patch and progressing over time to 1.12. Or starting 1.12 or somewhere inbetween or first patch but with some little changes[prefer no changes though even if first patch talent trees and itemization is trash]) Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk outlet I hoping however they go about the state(s) of wowclassic and have no bgs on release for canada goose outlet canada even more insane wpvp. Can wait til I can stancedance again with good ping and on official classic servers(i hope the pop is just a tiny bit bigger than the 2500 cap that is was in vanilla. Maybe somewhere between 3250 3500 player cap so it much more lively at all hours while still not being high enough for every zone to be overcrowded. Plus it good for the economy) canada goose uk outlet

canadian goose jacket Still praying on that BfA beta invite though )8 canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale How can I not suck as a druid? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose clearance sale More specifically, what is the “filler” spell? I read that I shouldn be using healing touch, but it one of the cheapest spells to cast. What should I be doing instead to top off some dps or so? canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Parka And I go oom a lot, which shouldn be happening as a druid if I remember correctly. But for example, I ran a +8 Maw the other day, and the trash + volcanoes before Helya did a shitton of damage, canada goose outlet uk sale so I had to keep up a efflorescence, rejuvs, lifebloom on tank, and spam a bunch of swiftmends + regrowths. Is there a canada goose outlet in usa more efficient way of doing this? Or is it just part of canada goose outlet mississauga M+? Canada Goose Parka

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cheap canada goose uk follow what everyones been saying. canada goose outlet toronto location But also, drink when you need, heck, drink after every pull! Just dont sit the entire time. Drink for about 2 5 seconds, then use displacer beast to catch back up to the group. I the paranoid type (waiting for that bone head pull) and always keep canada goose outlet 2015 myself topped off with mana. Also since you OOM, you might be keeping too many hots rolling thru. Slow down on them at spots. You learn the pulls and also who you run with. I have a few friends that i have to heal more then then tanks. WIth that in mind, I use a lotta hots on them just cause I know whats gonna happen to them ; D cheap canada goose uk

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Canada Goose Outlet Hi, newish alt priest that been trying out H Priest to heal for friends in mid level m+ and Antorus. I find myself holding back on my HWs for clutch saves rather than using them regularly, relying more on Flash and PoH (assuming PoM is on cd, which I feel I pretty good with using on cd). As a result I think I sometimes using more mana than is necessary. Am I doing myself a disservice to not use canada goose jacket outlet sale HWs in a regular “rotation”, or almost whenever they available? Or canada goose outlet website legit is this guildmate chunking that I prepping to respond to maybe just a result of us trying to push harder content on lower geared alts, compared to our mains? Any comments or experience? Thanks Canada Goose Outlet canada goose jacket outlet store.


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