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mLw08 comments on What is the dumbest rule your school ever had

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cheap Canada Goose That some fucked up shit right there. One canada goose outlet toronto location girl at my high canada goose outlet authentic school got her phone taken away because canada goose outlet florida she was texting someone in canada goose outlet ontario class, and then the principal later called her in and DEMANDED her access code to unlock it. She basically told him to fuck off and her mom came and raised a huge stink about it. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale That canada goose outlet locations in toronto not it, either. There canada goose outlet england was another girl before this one who got in trouble because the principal went through her phone and found dick pics, so he called her parents. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose store On a canada goose outlet london slightly unrelated note, I shadowed a few teachers (in a different school) as work experience when I was 16. I decided I didn want to be a canada goose parka outlet uk teacher when in the staff room I saw how the teachers talked about their students. I used to look up to and idolize some of my teachers, but that stopped when I saw how teachers would spend their time laughing and gossiping about students. canada goose store

canada goose store I mean I get it. Everyone needs something to get canada goose outlet toronto factory them though their canada goose clothing uk work day. So of course one wants to up the game and see how close to teacher lounge canada goose outlet in montreal can one get before getting noticed. The answer: inside the room. It is not pretty but at least i know what i was to them and i don actually feel bad about it. They found texts basically saying he canada goose jacket outlet had drugs and or paraphernalia in his back pack. They pulled him out of his class and went through his stuff and found synthetic weed and a pipe or papers or something. Expelled him (or asked him to withdraw because its less paperwork) within an hour. They had to make a campus wide announcement about it because canada goose outlet buffalo somehow other people were involved and live broadcasting the ordeal via text canada goose factory outlet toronto location so the whole campus knew what was going on. It was a private christian school canada goose outlet jackets so a lot of the parents were doctors/lawyers but were also involved in the church who were involved with the board. The board had canada goose outlet factory the final say in disciplinary issues like this canada goose outlet legit and the campus pastor recently had been made Vice Principal, and the vp handles all the canada goose outlet toronto address discipline on campus. He had to walk everyone through mental gymnastics for an hour and it ultimately came down to something like the student was a problem student, not going to class, doing poorly in his classes, interuptive to many of his classes, and had started a canada goose outlet uk fake couple fights which basically made him a walking target for administration to be rid of to better the schools statistics. He missed a class canada goose uk site and canada goose outlet price he got sent https://www.officialcanadagoosesoutlet.ca to the principals office for ditching again and I guess if that happens theres a clause in the student contrsct that everyone has to sign that states they can take your stuff away while you do on campus suspension or soemthing similair and at that point it becomes school property so they went through his phone since they could easily get away with that, knowing full well this canada goose outlet black friday kid smoked weed regularly during lunch periods. canada goose store

canada goose For instance the Geneva convention prohibits collective disciplinary measures affecting food, and demands protection from humiliation and public curiosity. Yet most people wouldn bat an eye if a school humiliated a kid for punishment or made a collective punishment using cafeteria food. canada goose

canada goose coats Like I get that children are little shits, but there really is a need for overseeing school rules when they are canada goose jacket uk treated worse than POWs canada goose coats.


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