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Saturday we floated, in river tubes, 7 miles of the 12 that we had planned. The 7 miles took us 5 hours so if we had floated the full 12 back to our campsite we would have been trying to find it in the dark without flashlights. Kinda underestimated how long it was going to take.

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replica handbags online Set aside and let high quality designer replica it cure for at least 24 hours.If you’re using the “more affordable” eBay sensor (or any other sensor with a 1/8″ NPT end) then you’ll need to thread the 1/4″ NPT Male to 1/8″ NPT Female Adapter onto the sensor with teflon tape and then RTV the short Spark Plug Non fouler to the 1/4″ end.Add the o ring and maybe some heatshrink tubing and you’re done!Step 4: Program It!Connect the board to your computer using the best replica bags online FTDI cable.In the “Tools” menu make sure you have the correct aaa replica bags board, processor and port selected. If you’re using an Pro Mini then my example picture will work for you except that your port may be different.Open the high end replica bags “Sketch” menu and choose “Upload”.Step 5: Use It!You’ll want replica bags online to refer to the FSM for your specific car to find instructions on how to perform a compression test. Generally though, you’ll need to disable your ignition and fuel designer replica luggage system, remove all trailing spark plugs and then insert pressure sensor module into the trailing spark plug hole of the rotor housing to be tested.Once you’ve got the sensor installed then you’ll plug the tester into replica designer bags it and then connect the tester to your computer using the FTDI cable.. replica handbags online

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