Murder is not usually part of the fantasy


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Replica Bags “Luke Donald and my coach sent me some good messages this week. That really encouraged me. It was just a Tweet from Luke telling me good luck. Cambridge’s CB1 development IS as bad as the Guardian says, according to News readersReaders have been largely critical of the CB1 redevelopmentCambridge’s million station redevelopment CB1 was rightly condemned as a “future slum” which is “plagued by anti social development and sex trafficking”, according to News readers.The claims were made in an architecture and design blog on The Guardian website, written by a former Cambridge University student Oliver Wainwright who also studied at the Royal College of Art.Readers largely iagreed with the article and were particularly critical of the developer, Brookgate.Was The Guardian right to slam CB1 development as a ‘future slum’?Alex James Napier Holland wrote on replica wallets the News’ Facebook page: “Brookgate’s arrogance in refusing to buy replica bags engage with residents regarding the problems they’ve made is extreme.”So many examples of appalling high replica bags urban planning that directly encourage antisocial behaviour.”For example, the student accommodation doors open directly onto residential flats leading to perpetual smoking and drug taking under bedroom windows.”Or the purpose designed smoking areas between each apartment; sheltered from wind, with poor lighting.”Or the huge sports pitch that is thankfully covered.”Some of the students are horrible; literally attacking people who ask them to be quiet and behave in a respectful manner.”ARU don’t seem to have any interest in their behaviour either.”Developer replica bags china hits back: ‘We’re working to make CB1 a scheme Cambridge can be proud of’Nazima Pathan wrote: “Yes. The story of how it went from a proposed amazing redevelopment into a highly profitable scheme lots of flats, nothing much for the community is shameful.”Developer has run circles round the council. Would have been good to have better oversight.”Martin Dawson wrote: “This article is spot on.”In a News poll, 71 per cent of people who voted agreed that CB1 is as bad as the Guardian article states.Mr Wainwright writes that the massive revamp of the station area, which includes private housing, student flats, shops and office space, is a missed opportunity, quoting descriptions replica designer bags wholesale of it by people on the News Facebook site as “rubbish”, “unfit” and “soulless”.Residents have also accused the developers of “designing in crime”, after a rise in antisocial behaviour and a wave of “pop up brothels”, says Mr Wainwright, the paper’s architecture and design critic.He writes: “Visitors arriving by train are now greeted with a generic clone town scene more like a suburban retail park than an illustrious seat of learning Replica Bags.


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