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How Football Swept in Hope After a Hurricane

B/R Mag LogoB/R MagFriday Night Floodlights: Harvey took nearly everything Wholesale Replica Bags from these six teenagers. Some are living in a windowless high school weight room. Gazing out the windows, 36 high school football players see a wasteland homes with no roofs, double wide trailers cleaved by purse replica handbags 50 foot trees, a random refrigerator and a doll in a ditch, a dozen FEMA utility trucks gassing up at the skeletal remains of a service station and a woman on West Fannin Street holding a baby as aaa replica designer handbags she yells, “Win for us, boys! Please, please, win for us!”

Several of the players nod their heads as the buses replica Purse pick up speed Replica Bags and turn north onto Highway 77, passing fallen mesquite trees lining the two lane road. For one wholesale replica designer handbags evening, the reigning Class 2A state champions are leaving behind the horror of Hurricane Harvey; for one evening, the dream is once again stirring. The Bobcats’ first game of the 2017 season is Wholesale Replica Bags only a few hours away.

replica handbags china “We need football,” says Casey Henderson, a junior wide receiver whose home was ripped apart by the storm. Wholesale Replica Bags “We need something to help us forget about what happened.” replica handbags china

wholesale replica designer handbags According to several local residents, here’s what happened: Wholesale Replica Bags In the early morning hours of August 26, most of the Refugio players were hunkered down in their families’ trailers, apartments, brick houses and homes made of wood as a Category 4 hurricane shredded their town of 2,876 residents. With the warm waters of the Gulf still fueling the massive storm, the western edge of Harvey’s eye replica handbags china inched over Refugio. For about 90 minutes, hurricane force winds tore through the community. wholesale replica designer handbags

Replica Bags Parts of the roof of Refugio High School were blown away, and the wind toppled the school’s football scoreboard. The roof at the First Baptist purse replica handbags Church didn’t survive, and a Shell gas station was turned into a heap of mortar, wood and glass. Most of the homes in Refugio were destroyed or damaged. Power was out for nine days. The town was without water for seven days. The start of school at Refugio High was delayed three weeks. Replica Bags

The football field at Refugio high school sustained damage from purse replica handbags Hurricane Harvey.(Lars Anderson for B/R Mag)

replica Purse Some of these teenage players had roofs fall on them. Others were pelted with shards of debris. Others believed they were moments away from being lifted into the air and gone with the Handbags Replica wind. “I thought I could die,” says Trevor Ross, a junior wide receiver. “I wholesale replica designer handbags don’t even like to think about how scared I was.” replica Purse

Replica Bags Wholesale Sports can’t solve the myriad problems created by natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, which annihilated a few Caribbean Islands replica handbags china and parts of purse replica handbags South Florida replica handbags china last week, or Hurricane Maria, which continues to batter the region once again, even right now. But in some places, they can wholesale replica designer handbags play a role in the cheap replica handbags rebuilding brick by brick, life by life. Replica Bags Wholesale

And one of those places is here on the flatlands of South Texas, deep in cattle and oil country, where for one night in September, a team and its dream revealed the power and beauty of high school football.

It is now September 8, and the two yellow school buses motor closer to Goliad, Texas, a town 25 miles to the north. Many of the players confess they have trouble sleeping, and when they do replica handbags online close their eyes, most are tormented by please God wake me nightmares. Five now live on cots in the high school’s windowless weight room, having nowhere else to go. Last night, head coach Jason Herring slept Fake Designer Bags with his boys there.

“I’m so tired I can’t think straight,” Herring says high quality replica handbags as he scans one of his 45 unread text messages in the front seat of the lead bus. “We live in a war zone, hoss. Our kids didn’t have much to begin with we live in a low https://www.handbagaol.com socioeconomic area and now the things they did have are gone: their homes, their clothes, their shoes, their possessions, everything. I’m doing the best I can, trying to get a house for one kid, a place to stay for another, this and that. I’ve had kids high quality replica handbags stay at my own house, which replica handbags online is also damaged

Replica Designer Handbags “We’re playing football tonight for Replica Bags Wholesale one reason: hope. For three hours, we’re going purse replica handbags to give the people of Replica Bags our town hope, because we sure need replica bags that now.” Replica Designer Handbags

KnockOff Handbags How important is high school football in Refugio? The high school stadium seats 7,000 and is routinely sold out, with the home side bleachers overflowing with 4,000 fans from Refugio and cheap replica handbags the surrounding area. Around 2,500 fans typically make the trip to away games. KnockOff Handbags

Fake Designer Bags “Football binds us together here,” says T. Wayne Price, the team chaplain known as “Brother T.” Fake Designer Bags

aaa replica designer handbags Bobcats head coach Jason Herring is attempting to pick up the pieces for his players in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.(Lars Anderson for B/R Mag) aaa replica designer handbags

Fake Handbags Yes, they adore their Designer Replica Bags high school football in Refugio (pronounced Rah FURY oh). The Bobcats compete in the smallest classification that plays 11 man football in Texas. Since Herring arrived as head coach in 2007, his team has a record of 134 Fake Handbags 12 and has played in four state title games, winning two. Recently, a Fake Designer Bags dying elderly woman in Refugio had one final request: She wanted a handful of football players to be pallbearers at her funeral. They came and carried her. Fake Handbags

Designer Replica Bags “The KnockOff Handbags community comes together on Friday nights to watch our kids play,” says Brandon Duncan, the school’s principal. “That’s why this first game after the hurricane is so important. We need to be with each other and see each other. Designer Replica Bags We need to tell each other that everything is Fake Designer Bags going to be OK.” Designer Replica Bags

replica handbags online The school buses pull into the parking lot at Goliad High, a school with twice the student population of Refugio. The Bobcats’ first game of the season was canceled because of Harvey, and they didn’t practice for 12 days. The coaches are worried about the players’ physical condition, not to mention their precarious mental state. But as the Fake Handbags players step off the bus and walk into the blue sky afternoon, they are smiling. replica handbags online

Designer Fake Bags “Time to put on a show,” Designer Fake Bags a player says, confidently. Designer Fake Bags

high quality replica handbags Trevor Ross jogs onto the field at Goliad’s Tiger Stadium, with kickoff 45 minutes away. In the distance, he can see a line of pickup trucks from Refugio driving into the stadium parking lot, their low beam headlights shooting through the Texas twilight. high quality replica handbags

Handbags Replica The 5’10”, 165 pound junior is a wide receiver and defensive back. He didn’t cheap replica handbags believe Hurricane Harvey would be a serious event in Refugio, so he spent Fake Handbags the night of August 25 at a friend’s house. As he played Xbox around midnight, the lights fell dark and the power went out. His fear turned on. Handbags Replica

cheap replica handbags Trevor called his mom, who was at their home a mile away. “The hurricane is fixing to hit us,” his mom said. “You stay safe.” cheap replica handbags

“Whatever happens, I love you, Mom,” said Trevor, his voice quivering.

Wholesale Replica Bags “I love you too,” she replied. Wholesale Replica Bags

The winds intensified. Trevor felt his friend’s house start Replica Bags Wholesale to sway. He grabbed a mattress and moved with his friend to an interior hallway. They covered themselves. The winds grew even Handbags Replica stronger, tearing away part of the roof. Water started falling inside the house. Huddling under the mattress, it sounded like a jet engine was revving only feet above them.

Replica Handbags The front door swung open and, outside in the rainy darkness, Trevor saw a utility pole sparkle and catch fire, the flames jumping several feet high. Seconds later, a large portion of the roof caved. Prayers were uttered, but Ross was so frozen with fear he could barely move his lips. Replica Handbags

purse replica handbags Wide receiver and defensive back Trevor Ross has been staying in the weight room after his home was destroyed in the hurricane.(Lars Anderson for B/R Mag) purse replica handbags.


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