Plundering control of the Tomb: I played against this deck a


They accused you of patronage. How could they miss the obvious strategy you were employing build and enrich the core, and then expand outwardly. This is such a basic economic growth strategy. Hmm, he got Knucklebones in the market for the memes, as an alt wincon in case of Citywide Ban and to pretend he not playing removal pile.So sick of haunted highway: It makes me sad that yellow midrange is so expensive.Plundering control of the Tomb: I played against this deck a few times, it interesting, moncler outlet powerful, fun and it makes a lot of sense. I think Sword of Unity is the only legendary you really need here. (in case you in a budget)AggroTitan 2.0: I knew it this would happen, he playing Kosul Battlemage (Aegis) over the flying valkyrie that silences, he also playing 1 Protect (2 mana, add Aegis), all this along with Reality Warden make this my favorite deck in this list, it aims to do one thing: Punish degenerate removal pile decks.

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