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cheap replica handbags By stating “Fan Stories”, it kinda giving the feel that Phyris, a fan made character from a sdorica fan fiction, introduce to Rei, your assistant as a Watcher, another version of the Book of the Bequeathers with fan made fictionsRei could be seen as a representative as Rayark itself (i often make this comparison), somehow pleased to see the dedication of the players, in this case, one player who is myselfWith this drawing, I make a sort of first step for a new series of fan fictions and at the same time, a tribute to the game and to Rayark 6 points submitted 1 month agoSo i don know if you paid enough attention, but there used to be a npc called Jerome in the army of Fredrica (I call him MC Jerome because he looks like the protagonist of a harem).But in the last chapters, a new guy in the same Army is also named Jerome (and he might be playable at some point).So, did Rayark just decided to replace the old Jerome to the new one? Not yet (he still in game).But still, my drawing somehow shows the old Jerome leaving his place to the new one.Tbh, i thought many times about it but couldn find some appropriate idea, mostly because i wasn sure if i should really make him white unit, but that seems to be decided now.Some movesets idea were given to me, and they were also interesting, but at the end, we let that in pause.One aspect that i appreciate in your moveset is his simplicity and the fact that he can actually be strong replica bags wholesale india but at a high cost. The idea of the character, in order to be coherent with his magic style, would be that he could not work alone, and that without a replica bags new york team, he pretty useless. As an oc, i don want to make him too powerful, but more like, a character that can be hard to utilize often, but could make impressive results if used well.(Now that i think about it, face to the Tica Team in WT, Tica would be totally unbeatable face to that moveset) 1 point submitted 5 months agoFor me, this isn a question about being achievable or not, this is more about balance cheap replica handbags.


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