Seidenberg said he would consider a buyout of Vodafone


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Cheap jordans While he characterized 2009 as good, solid year for us, real jordans for sale online cheap he said profit would cheap jordan retro 11 be down roughly 13 cents to 15 cents a share from 2008, when the company earned $2.54 a share.of that will be pension headwinds, he said at a cheap jordans Citi conference in San Francisco.Analysts had forecast that Verizon would post lower earnings in 2009 although not as low as Seidenberg comments suggest. They estimated, on average, that the company would earn $2.45 a share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.The company shares closed 2.86 percent lower on the New York Stock Exchange.Seidenberg, however, offered an upbeat assessment of cheap jordans 4 sale the mobile business, saying the company added more subscribers than the cheap jordan 7 1 million it expected in the fourth quarterlight of a very difficult economy, we saw good sustained growth there, said Seidenberg, whose company introduced the highly touted Droid smartphone during the final months of the year.The future of Verizon Wireless has been among the most talked about issues facing both parent companies. Analysts have raised several possibilities, including a buyout by Verizon, a sale to the public, or simply where to get real jordans online for cheap a merger of the two parent companies.Seidenberg said he would consider a buyout of Vodafone, but only the price were right. Cheap jordans

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