She’s as pure as the driven snow on PBS


GARSD: Take the case of Myanmar. Last year during the Rohingya crisis, there were rampant insults against Muslims on social media. The United Nations then accused Facebook of contributing to the violence. When married is chatting to the opposite sex on the computer cheating?Jump to Last Post 1 37 of 37 discussions (89 posts)i totally agree with you ohmygoodnessrae. When couples take a vow (as husband n wife), its means you promise to each other to be loyal and respectful to each other.Bob Etierposted 8 years visit here agoin reply to thisIt depends what you’re chatting about, and the parameters of your relationship. However, if you are having flirty or sexy conversations on line that you wouldn’t engage in with people on the street, then you know you’re doing something wrong or risky.

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