The community is actually trying to boycott Black Friday right


Wopatop comments on Belgium says loot boxes are gambling

Yeah, but US net neautrality won have that much of an effect on the EU crowd, it might canada goose outlet black friday limit us canada goose outlet to accessing certain parts of canada goose outlet florida the internet or require subscriptions, but then companies that are in the EU might actually be able to take a massive chunk canada goose outlet mississauga of business away from the US.I don think that your senators and the FCC realise just how huge of a fuckup taking away canada goose outlet real net neutrality would be.It went from ” This is possibly the best FIFA we had in years” to ” Definitely the worst one we had “FIFA and ultimate team tie into this directly. It just as bad as the Battlefront nonsenseI only half agree with you I think microtransactions are bad but they actually toned it down a lot since canada goose outlet london uk FIFA 17 they gave players opportunities to get Packs and quite a lot of coins by simply playing the game. Plenty of people have spent nothing and canada goose outlet store montreal still have good teams with great players.The community is actually trying to boycott Black Friday right now because of the state of the game, basically EA sell canada goose outlet store calgary the most in microtransactions during black friday ( Huge flash promos ) Sadly most of the FIFA community are casual gamers, sports fans canada goose outlet in chicago so a lot are not aware of this. canada goose outlet legit We don even ask canada goose outlet vancouver for much, canada goose womens outlet just undo the patch and fix glitches, and make Week end League ( Comptition happening from Friday to Monday where you have to play 40 games to win rawards ) 4 days instead of 3 or lower the game to 30 32 instead of 40.I really hope the community can find a canada goose outlet toronto way for them to do something, but I highly doubt it. What I don udnerstand is why they killed the game with the canada goose outlet jackets first patch, why fuck over a community like this, everybody loved it. Even though I sucked at defending I could actually see when I made a mistake that led me to concede, and I really really felt like I could canada goose outlet las vegas improve, now I don feel that canada goose uk when I play, I don feel I can even get better.Most of my canada goose outlet store uk shots are now automatically blocked by the AIThey canada goose outlet los angeles also nerfed shooting and passing and made goalkeepers better. canada goose outlet eu The gameplay was also a bit slower manow it faster. Oh and the worse thing they did now you can canada goose outlet sale see which player your opponent controls. Before you couldn see it but now there is an indicator showing you which canada goose outlet kokemuksia players he is controlling himself, this made defending manually incredibly hard as you can see whch player he is controlling to trying to intercept canada goose outlet usa or tackle canada goose outlet montreal you.All they had to do after release was to slightly nerf shooting, slightly upgrade the goalkeepers and nerf the longshots. And do something about players hitting the post way too oftenBasically the game went from a game rewarding the player who was the better, to absolute random. I never seen the community riled up like this, it pretty much unanimousI have no issue with Rocket League microtransactions/loot crates. They all optional and cosmetic. Battlefront loot crates gave you an advantage in the game, RL crates just make you customise your look/car, and the money helps support the games constant development and competitive league prizes.If it weren for microtransactions in RL, they would not be able to support it, and we would likely see annual game releases (Rocket League 2018 or something) and that would split the community.

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