The glasses were entrusted to the care of the British Library


cheap moncler It was both instructive and entertaining. And might i say it was inspiring. We atheists and rationalists surely need a good pep talk from time to time given the depressing state of the world these days and Jerry delivered it. Now tests on three pairs of Austen glasses that have been handed down through generations reveal that her eyesight worsened significantly as she grew older. Picture: SuppliedSource:SuppliedAusten even referenced her frustration at her poor eyesight in several letters.Sandra Tuppen, lead curator of Modern Archives Manuscripts 1601 1850 at the British Library, suggested as much in a blog post late last moncler outlet week.variations in the strength of the British Library three pairs of spectacles may indeed give further credence to the theory that Austen suffered from arsenic poisoning, albeit accidental.The wire framed glasses (left) and two tortoiseshell pairs that were tested by the British Library. Picture: British LibrarySource:SuppliedThe conclusion is made more likely by the fact the substance was commonly found in water supplies and medicines, at that period.It is suggested that it she may well have ingested the heavy metal through medication for rheumatism, which she is also known to have suffered with.Austen may have also have suffered from cataracts, which can be developed from arsenic poisoning.The glasses were entrusted to the care of the British Library by Austen great great great niece in 1999, along with Austen treasured portable writing desk (in which they had been stored) and several other Austen artefacts, including an ink well and an embroidered glasses case.Although tests conducted by the library revealed that all three would be helpful for someone doing close work, such as writing, each pair is of different strength, one considerably more powerful than the others, Ms Tuppen explained.But experts are lining up to debunk the theory.Dr Cheryl Kinney, a national board member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, said, are many other more likely causes of cataracts than arsenic poisoning.some recent studies from Asia have shown a loose association of chronic arsenic poisoning in water with cataract formation, the studies only show association, not causation. cheap moncler

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