The original rationale was that you don get a stable API


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cheap Canada Goose And more shitty for end users (the color selector is a joke, so is the file selector, I mean, who would ever want to write out a path if they can clickety click it, right?). cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap On buy canada goose uk a similar note, the GNOME applications are becoming also more erratic, like the dconf editor, which is missing the tree view canada goose outlet usa in the latest version. I don care about canada goose outlet in toronto those, though, but that GTK is going down is extremely sad. I even canada goose shop uk considering regular donations to get a new GTK+2 upstream. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canadian goose jacket Until (relatively) recently the JavaScript API wasn worth documenting since it changed quite often. The original rationale was that you don get a stable API, but you get to read and monkey patch the code directly because it written in JavaScript. It been on my todo list (Disclaimer: I not a developer) to adapt a hotdoc plugin someone pointed me to for auto documenting gnome shell, but like most people my todo list is pretty long. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale The relevant source files in your question can be browsed pretty easily here:Since most of Gnome Shell JavaScript is just bindings for C libraries, these docs will likely help also:Github search works quite nicely in these situations, canada goose clothing uk since canada goose outlet uk it will show you the location in the JavaScript where a function is defined, and if it a call canada goose womens outlet to a C library that part of Gnome Shell it will generally list that too. I did a bit of quick canada goose factory outlet vancouver looking around for you, and it appears canada goose outlet uk sale that it is only changed when fullscreen. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose black friday sale I be happy to give what help I can, since I done some digging through the source myself a few times, let me canada goose outlet new york know. canada goose black friday sale

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Canada Goose Outlet I canada goose outlet miami switched from Arch to NixOS after I managed to bork my installation (completely my fault too). Figured it was time to finally try it out and it been nothing short of amazing. I love how easy it is to do major upgrades of anything and easily roll back to a previous generation and the way you configure your system is nothing short of awesome. Being able to have all the configuration in one (or many files) file is downright amazing, no more of the “fuck, what did I change for this setting” or “where the fuck is that config file”. I been meaning to look into some of the /home management solutions that I seen around too but first off I probably going to upgrade my server to it first. I can recommend it highly enough! My only problems with the project is the amount of open pull requests on Github feels a bit obscene, but not sure if that a manpower issue or just canada goose outlet boston dead requests. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose coats on sale Which is amazing because the cost to build a Backblaze 6.0 Storage pod comes in at $0.036/GB canada goose outlet store uk (2016 price but shouldn be substantially different). That means just to build canada goose outlet factory 2,000,000 canada goose outlet in new york GB of storage would cost Backblaze $72,000. If we assume a normal life of a storage device like that at say just 3 years, and Amazons canada goose outlet kokemuksia S3 pricing for storage; canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals $1,459,800 profit after hardware and before electricity and bandwidth for standard storage canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket $828,000 profit after hardware and before electricity and bandwidth for infrequent storage canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on canada goose uk outlet sale $216,000 profit after hardware and before electricity and bandwidth for glacier storage canada goose coats on sale

canada goose deals FFS I need to run a storage business. canada goose deals

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Canada Goose Outlet These kinds of thoughts are essentially all part and parcel of depersonalisation. The thoughts don disturb me at all now but there was a point that for years I was stuck in an existential quandary that would make me canada goose outlet washington dc break out in a nervous sweat thinking about the most mundane things. Like walking, how am I doing it beyond the scientific explanation, plus I don have to think about every step in taking. Or when you think about anything or daydream and the image comes to your brain, canada goose outlet edmonton but how do you see it? Sleeping was another one, just letting go of your conscious canada goose factory outlet control and letting yourself go to the void and then dreaming. Then take that and throw in nature and space and how everything works just right plus add a dash of the nature of our existence and boom. Years of wasted youth spent wracked with anxiety that thankfully never escalated to agoraphobia. It was difficult but I managed to claw my way out relatively easily. These things don scare me anymore now. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose coats on sale Ok, so this might seem like a weird thing to ask, but here we go. I’m a woman finishing my PhD in ecology I love science, love the little bit of coding I’ve been exposed to (basically fluent in R and exposed to a tiny tiny amount of python and C) and I would love to learn more about data visualisation, science communication and education. I want to learn how to code to make 3D games. I’m surrounded by guys who get to play official canada goose outlet with drones and code and I confess I’m jealous. canada goose outlet price So this is the thing, everything you said about women (in the aggregate) is true for me, as a person. I’m highly agreeable (I despise conflict, and if you shout at me for more than ten seconds I will start crying), I’m extraverted and canada goose outlet vancouver gregarious (I require human connection to be mentally healthy), I pride myself on noticing when other people need help or attention, and I’m neurotic canada goose outlet online store review (perfectionistic, coupled with depression and anxiety). (For those people reading this who disagree with James, yes, I’m also argumentative, withdrawn, inattentive and chilled out. But not as often.) canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka My question is, what can someone like me do so that we can find interesting STEM jobs where we don’t spend our whole lives canada goose jacket outlet store dealing with imposer syndrome? Where our personalities aren’t a crutch? There seems to be a real problem of ‘not being good enough’ everyone has to be a ‘stereotypical man’ (no offense guys this is a problem for you too) unemotional, logical, competitive, aggressive (while being unemotional, go figure), all while pretending that that isn’t what we’re doing, and when/if we leave those stressful jobs because we have kids or we’ve had enough, then we’ve ‘failed’. I know so many people canada goose outlet toronto factory who’ve left research for writing or consultancy and growing up in an academic family, I’ve had my heart set on research and data. It feels like a personal failure to struggle with writing or statistics, like I’m broken. I’ve known guys who suffer depression and imposer syndrome too in STEM so this isn’t an exclusively ‘me’ or female problem. When you’ve got a system which champions everything you feel you are not, it’s easy to feel you don’t really belong Canada Goose Parka.


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