Their home will be the Internet


It was not that the ulema or Islamic scholars associated with the madrasas, were opposed to these subjects, as is sometimes alleged, for, as mentioned earlier, in pre colonial times madrasas had indeed taught these disciplines. They did not insist, as is sometimes alleged, that all Muslims must send their children only to madrasas and train them as maulvis. Rather, what the ulema stressed was that those Muslims who wanted their children to learn these subjects could send them to regular schools instead of to madrasas, while madrasas would focus mainly on ‘religious’ subjects for those who wanted to become religious specialists.

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cheap moncler jackets In the future, the new Jim Mathesons of the world won be writing mainly in the paper, but they will still write for the Journal. Their home will be the Internet. It will be their base, where readers can find all the stories they have ever done, where the reporter will be able to talk with readers, post links, post interviews, and not be confined so much by the space and deadline constraints of the newspaper.. cheap moncler jackets

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