This was the most sinister looking picture of Michael J Fox we


8 Classic Movies That Got Away With Gaping Plot Holes

Nobody notices that a famous clothing brand is later named after him, nobody notices that Chuck Berry releases a song that sounds pretty similar to the one he played at the big dance, and most importantly, nobody bats an eyelid Fake Handbags when his Mom has a kid who looks exactly like Wholesale Replica Bags him.Now we don’t claim to high quality replica handbags know exactly what first enters the mind of a married man when his wife births a child who looks identical to purse replica handbags their old high school boyfriend, but we’re guessing it’s not “time travel conspiracy.” Old George was KnockOff Handbags either the most oblivious, forgiving man Designer Replica Bags on earth, Replica Bags Wholesale or there were some secret resentment beatings in the McFly household.Even more disturbing, what must his Mom have thought? The only explanation we can see making sense from her point of view is that Marty was Satan (he did invent rock and roll after all) and the whole thing’s some kind of demon spawn Rosemary’s Baby type deal. And no one should wholesale replica designer handbags ever be in a position where the most plausible explanation for their situation implies that they fucked Satan.This was the most sinister looking picture of Michael J Fox we could find.Plus, think how chilling Marty’s Replica Designer Handbags final remark on stage becomes given this context: “I guess you’re not ready for that yet. but your kids are gonna love it.”In the entire Replica Handbags movie, the only precog prediction that actually comes true exactly as they said involves a kid losing a balloon. Chinese fortune cookies have a higher success rate than these guys.But maybe they’re really more telepathic than precognitive, able to see what people’s intentions are. Except they can’t do that, either. The movie is set Fake Designer Bags in motion by the premeditated replica Purse murder ball coming out with Tom Cruise’s character’s name on it. But he hadn’t planned the murder at all. The whole point of the movie is that he had no idea who he was going to kill.Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis is high quality replica handbags dead. The whole time. We totally didn’t see Replica Bags Wholesale it coming and apparently neither did he. He’s only able to figure purse replica handbags out he’s a ghost when he sees his wife drop his wedding ring.But shouldn’t he have figured it out before that? All the other ghosts in the film seemed to be wandering the earth, mindlessly reliving their deaths, with little awareness replica handbags online of the outside Replica Designer Handbags world at all. But ol’ Bruce was just carrying on as normal, working and Replica Designer Handbags going about his day to day routine, completely unfazed by the fact no one but a small child had spoken to him in several months.What kind of lifestyle was he living before his death that would make him fail to notice that no one could see or hear him? He assumes his wife isn’t speaking to him because he’s “neglecting their marriage.” In the days right after he died, did he think she Designer Fake Bags was mad at him for getting shot in the stomach? And what about everyone else? Does he also replica handbags china assume all waiters are suddenly assholes? That the girl at the Handbags Replica supermarket check out finds him too hideous to make eye contact with? That taxis won’t stop Handbags Replica for him because he’s balding?And how does he get the assignment to treat the kid anyway? Nobody hired him, being a ghost and all. Does he just approach random Designer Replica Bags children in churches and start giving them free psychiatric advice? That’s no way to run a business, ghost or not, high quality replica handbags and we’re pretty sure it will get you thrown in jail.They also seem to feel that they have to do it immediately, that KnockOff Handbags there’s no time to wait. Of course there’s time to wait, you’ve got a replica bags goddamn time machine. Do it tomorrow, do it in ten years. You already know you’ve succeeded, you were there when it happened. It’s actually the only situation you could be in where failure is impossible. Designer Replica Bags It’s the least suspenseful thing imaginable, yet they treat it as the nail biting climax of the movie.The power to travel through time still Replica Bags Wholesale wouldn’t be worththe humiliation KnockOff Handbags of owning Harry Potter jewelry.Kane’s nurse, arriving several minutes too late for the movie to make any fucking senseAnd if they really are just that good, you think they’d also know the twist ending, that Rosebud was his sled (what kind of weirdo names his sled anyway? Does he miss his childhood desk chair too?).So the next time some film critic is getting all up in your face, picking holes in wholesale replica designer handbags your favorite movie, hit them with that, and watch them curl up into a ball and weep like a child. Then maybe kick ‘em a couple of times. If you think we’re being too hard on the critics, remember that they get paid to watch movies and be dicks about them. We on the other hand. never mind.A team of scientists shrink themselves to go inside a patient’s body in a tiny little spaceship, in order to fix a blood clot in his brain. They have only an hour, and then they will return to normal size.We don’t ask that you stay within the bounds of physics, but at least follow the rules you freaking made up. At the end of the movie, the crew’s tiny sub gets destroyed, but cheap replica handbags the team manages to wholesale replica designer handbags get out of the guy’s body just before they grow back to size. Only problem, they leave the wreckage of their miniaturized submarine behind. As clangers go, that’s Designer Fake Bags about as bad as you get. Anyone paying attention to the plot of the movie is wondering right up until the end when the giant submarine wreckage will be bursting out of the guys chest.It’s not quite true that no one cared about this plot hole. The producers pointed out that Mr. Asimov could shut the hell up and kept it the way it was.For someone who wanted Fake Handbags to be king so much, high quality replica handbags Scar was really bad at it. There’s being incompetent, and then there’s being so incompetent that you cause the rain to KnockOff Handbags stop and all the rivers and lakes to dry up. We know he let the hyenas run the show and eat whatever they wanted, but come on. What, did they drink the lake?We know what you’re going to aaa replica designer handbags say. “Why don’t you just point out the fact that lions Replica Designer Handbags can’t really talk, cheap replica handbags you pedantic dicks!” But Handbags Replica think about the environmental message kids get at the ending. The place was basically a desert, the lions were on the brink of starvation replica Purse and a huge fire couldn’t have helped matters. Simba repairs an entire ecosystem and gets everything back to normal in a couple of years.Obviously a slow and difficult reconstruction period during which most of the tribe dies isn’t the most uplifting montage to end a kids’ movie with, but it’s a little late to spare our feelings at that point, isn’t it Disney? Where was that concern when you killed Mufasa, you fuckers.

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