Thus, whosoever controls the production, publishing,


The Sagacity Of Art

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canada goose clearance sale Define art. Art is the transmutation of that which is abstract into that which is material, or it is the transformation of that which is felt by an artist beyond the ordinary realm into an observable form or practice. Art may be defined in many ways; hence, there is no absolute answer, as canada goose jacket uk the very nature of art is different upon each canada goose outlet woodbury field on which it is exercised. Perhaps one canada goose outlet store uk could conclude that art is action, and successful art is an appropriate principle in action canada goose outlet hong kong upon the field in which it is practiced. The more successful a work of art is, the more likely it is to create a paradigm shift in the lives of those whom experience or witness the creation of the artist. Yes, art is the creation of the artist as both necessitate the existence of one another. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats Supplementally, a successful work of art punctuates the timeline of existence with gradual or radical metamorphic canada goose outlet las vegas changes in the overall canada goose outlet factory psyche, status quo, and culture of the masses. Thus, whosoever controls the production, publishing, distribution, and censoring of art media may control a remarkable influence over the shaping of entire cultures and civilizations. canada goose coats

canada goose coats on sale Too often throughout recorded history many of the residents of Earth have fallen prey to carefully crafted media propagated for the selfish gain of a very small fraction of the population while resulting in an innumerable amount of innocent people and unsuspecting soldiers having been sent to a premature demise. Most often during times of war, countless lives have been lost or adversely affected on this planet by various nefarious propagandists, artists, and forms of repressive censorship as witnessed in such cases throughout the former Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and United States during the last world war do to the felt need to withhold or misrepresent certain information from the public. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Online A more specific case for this is the use of the canada goose outlet German public radio stations by Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda in 1935 for particular media propagation methods in social engineering society. As the modern general masses retrieve art and other media through the constrictions of commercialist and statist complexes they may find it increasingly difficult to find new, diverse alternatives to canada goose outlet in toronto streams of information. That is, they will only continue finding it difficult until the next great change, which will occur as those controlling and censoring media continue to restrain and constrict the very informational bloodlines of their support systems. In other words, for example, if a state or private party desires to dumb down their population, then the very product of the means to reaching such a party’s ends will undoubtedly result in the dumbing down of the party itself. Moral of the story: you reap what you propagate. Canada Goose Online

Canada Goose Parka Seeing that throughout the world, the mainstreams of today’s media are profoundly regulated by the state and private parties known as corporations; it is quintessential that such parties and the artists involved take the utmost precaution in what it is that they relay to the masses as the media will influence the overall shaping of the minds and cultures of those viewing. The best ways of going about taking part in the progression of media includes: maintaining a level of objectivity in which everyone involved refrains from finger pointing and false testimonies, allowing a freedom of commentary that does not obstruct the rites and rights of the artist and community, allowing the economy of such a system to run its course for better or for worse canada goose outlet store montreal without the aid or control of the canada goose stockists uk state’s hand, and ceasing all taxations of such a system. The latter is important due to the absurdity and preposterity that anyone could be so presumptuous to value themself or itself as being permitted to tax and control art and the propagation of the arts and imaginations of others. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale Whether it be through painting, song writing, architecture, observation, journalism, or writing, it will serve societal improvement when all citizens participate throughout their communities in whichever way that they can. When the small numbers of the powerful and canada goose outlet belgium the state cease to interfere canada goose outlet toronto with media propagation, so long as no individual suffers, then the world shall have societal progress socially, economically, and culturally. When people are free to post canada goose kensington parka uk signs and bills throughout the streets and academies; when the museums, theatres, and cafes remain unhampered by whatever political or dogmatic war waged outside the confines of the artist’s mind; then there shall be peace canada goose outlet london uk and progress throughout society on a historically profound level. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Whether we like it or not, many media streams and propagation systems may remain under the strict control of a small number of the wealthy hands of individuals who may have nefarious and selfish intentions for further gains of power and wealth. Nonetheless, it is essential that everyone understand that such a system of media propagation is destined to collapse in totality within its own footprint. Signs of such a pervasive and devious design may include a vast array of media system outlets controlled by either one or a small number of very powerful parties such as corporations or the state. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose factory sale More particular signs canada goose victoria parka outlet of a media system infected by the influences of the aforementioned parties includes a media system that exaggerates the need of corporate or state ideals, while propagating needless fashions, pointless scores, fear of war, fear and suppression of statements and testimonies of people who may not embrace the status quo, celebrity drama, canada goose outlet sale fabrications, the need of a military or security which monitors and tracks its employees or citizenry, and anything else that may polarize and colonize the minds of the citizenry for further growth in wealth and power by the failing oligarchy. Through propagating the devolution of canada goose outlet store toronto art, culture, and intelligence, a nefarious system, though destined to fail, becomes a serious threat to the health of the minds and spirits of our communities, families, and selves. Thus it is up to each of you reading to know how to take notice of such signs and to take the appropriate measures in disassembling such a threat by whatever means necessary. canada goose factory sale

canada goose uk shop When the media streams and their means of propagation come under attack by the fears and harmful sentiments of the oligarchy of any given nation, art may become a means of deception, exploitation, and a vessel transmitting terror by the ideologues of the dark side of commercialism, canada goose outlet official militarism, and statism. Art is a means of attaining societal enlightenment and free thought and must never propagate such malevolence. “Advertising and the mass media that it eventually traduces are, therefore, the leading agents in the business of culture and the culture of business.” (Herbert I. Schiller) Beneath the layers of a bureaucratic jargon that may attempt to depict a nation, corporation, or some other party as something that it is not, such as democratic, enlightened or a means to solve problems, there could exist a level of canada goose outlet locations in toronto darkness within its interior that may threaten the existence of your freedoms, civil rights, and birth rites. Thus it is imperative that if you ever find yourself operating in the aims of such an apparatus that you stop and you question its credibility, source, and accuracy. canada goose uk shop

cheap canada goose uk With the appropriate and conscientious use of the sensors of our conscious souls, we may overcome the threshold of censors and we canada goose outlet store calgary may begin taking back control over Our global society. By means of questioning the canada goose outlet uk fake motives and actions of those driving the status quo, taking appropriate measures among our fellow citizenry and carefully monitoring the watchers and leaders that we ourselves may elect to rule in particular aspects throughout our own lives; we, the individuals, shall avert and ward off any, and all, forces that may prove hostile to the safety and sovereignty of our lives. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose store The strategic and tactical implications are near limitless when a single party, or small numbers of parties, possess the majority of control over the mass media and the ministries of propagation. Thus, canada goose outlet washington dc when an artist has gained prevalence and widespread propagation throughout the mass canada goose outlet uk medium, the masses who praise the said artist are so incredibly open to the observed words and behaviours of the artist that they may feel themselves gravitate and identify with the principles of the artist moreso than their previous self. Thus, it is important that all artists and members of the art community refrain from forces of coercion that may wish to alter their frame of reference, unless they may consciously find some type of moral agreement in a new frame of reference. canada goose store

canada goose uk canada goose outlet real black friday Art is more than a beautiful oil painting or sequence of sound harmonic frequencies art is a means to the transmutation and evolution of life itself. As the potential for tragic and dire consequences exists when the control of media is placed in stifling hands, artists must prevent the colonization and imprisonment of the minds of others by keeping their works from the hands, eyes, and ears of erroneous influences. canada goose uk black friday

cheap Canada Goose Dually note that this responsibility canada goose parka uk is charged to you and I, for the creator is bound to affirm this responsibility with an oath to safeguard the collective mind from unwarranted powers. The successful sustentation of this oath begins with self control and adequately knowing thyself, resulting in the artistic transmission of inspiration from the ethereal to the real cheap Canada Goose.


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