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‘They Could Hear Their Children Screaming for Them in the Next Room’

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Canada Goose sale That is until our entire immigrant workforce is deported and there is no one left to work the fields for chump’s change in the agriculture industry. The price of canada goose outlet ontario food will skyrocket as Agriculture corporations need to pay people an actual living wage. Alarmed by canada goose outlet new york city the mass outcry of people angry at food prices. Sessions and Trump will order border patrol to start detaining people at the border and sending them right canada goose outlet in uk to the fields to work as slaves on farms surrounded by barbed wire fences. It is canada goose outlet online store well established that immigrants don’t have human rights in America. I feel like that’s a pretty clear picture of what a 2nd term Trump presidency would canada goose outlet authentic look like. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose coats on sale Neither are “okay,” and neither are acceptable, but one is objectively worse than the other. You may not be trying to support Trump policies, but inadvertently by conflating the two, it provides his supporters the tiny bit of rationale they need to accept it as “Well it no worse than Obama.”Obama had these facilities to house children, but older children who came by themselves. It a really important point, and it is certainly not “Obama did the same thing”. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Outlet They current admin is putting canada goose outlet usa much younger children into these facilities now. Toddlers and babies. That inhumane to an extreme! canada goose outlet seattle Those younger kids are fucked because canada goose shop uk separation from their parents causes real harm. This is a very bad idea for national security and, you canada goose outlet store calgary know, the goals of those people who screech: “think of canada goose outlet woodbury the children” (some of whom are now shown to be full of shit if they for this brutality) Canada Goose Outlet.


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