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Veteran files suit over frostbitten penis

canadian goose jacket government for $10 million, claiming negligent care resultedin severe frostbite on his penis, leading to its partial amputation. canadian goose www.canadagooseparka.co.uk jacket

canada goose deals Michael D. Nash of Louisville, Kentucky, filed suit in federal court Monday. He is asking fordamages forwhat his lawyer calls mental andemotional distress and trauma as a result of hisinjuries. October2010, Nash underwent surgery at the VA Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Doctors were removing and replacing a malfunctioning penile implant. After the surgery, according to court canada goose outlet online store review documents, a nurse applied icepacks to canada goose outlet store new york Nash penis to reduce pain and swelling. canada goose deals

Canada Goose online The ice packs remained on Nash penis for19straight canada goose outlet mall hours, violation of the standard of care, according to the lawsuit. As a result, Nash severely frostbitten,which led to gangrene. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka According to Nash attorney, Larry Jones, his client was on heavy pain medicine at the time and unable to question the nurse. Nash was discharged from the hospital even though he complained of severe pain, Jones said. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store Two weeks later, surgeonsperformed a partial penectomy,removing a significant part ofNash penis. canada goose store

canada goose clearance you take away a man manhood, it affects him in ways you can imagine, Jones canada goose factory outlet toronto location said. Nash, who served in the Army in the 1960s, now needs a catheter and has no sexual function, he said. Eventually, he will needreconstructive surgery. canada goose clearance

canada goose store Typically, after penile implant surgery, ice would be canada goose outlet london uk applied to the groin area only with many layers of gauze in between, said Dr. Bruce Kava, associate professor of clinical urology at the University of Miami Miller School canada goose stockists uk of Medicine. is unusual, he said. canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets He said it would also be unusual that a patient would be unable to feel the ice effects. Attorney office. The office did not immediately respond to requests for comment from CNN. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket The VA is not the angel of mercy most of you are touting it is. They handed my husband a month worth canada goose jacket outlet uk of Methadone and he died of an over dose the next day. He had a history of over medicating on prescription medication, yet they give him Methadone! Not just a little bit, mind you, but a whole freaking months canada goose outlet black friday sale worth. Yes, it was my husband decision to take more then the recommended amount, however, why would the VA canada goose uk give a known abuser a stronger drug? Thats like giving a drunk a bottle of booze and car keys after his 3rd DUI and hoping for the best! My husband served 16 years in the Army and was medically discharged less then a month before he died. canadian goose jacket

canadian goose jacket October 4, 2012 at 10:50 canadian goose jacket

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canada goose black friday sale What male would not want a functioning penis whether it has to be assisted with a pump or not. Catheters suck! Ever had a UTI? I plan to still be fully functioning when I die an old man. 61 is not old!!! Any veteran deserves canada goose outlet store near me all help available to them, I for one am grateful for their service. We live canada goose outlet online store in the best country in the world (though it is far from perfect) ask any immigrant. we don have all the facts to pass judgement on anybody. As a person who has had testicular surgery it is canada goose outlet online uk possible to be numb and sedated and not aware of the damage. canada goose black friday sale

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Canada Goose sale Apparently you have a problem with reading comprehension. The patient has to use a catheter to drain his canada goose outlet paypal blader which wasn necessary prior to the subsequent problem. Having a catheter can and will bring on a canada goose outlet new york city host of issues. As in constants infections, added expenses and so forth. When in a hospital canada goose uk shop setting a nurse will NOT administer anything without doctors orders that are in the canada goose outlet london patients chart. Could be the nurse forgot about the ice, or misread the orders canada goose outlet price in the chart. It definitely negligence since all medical professions know you should never ice any tissues (on the body) for no longer than 20 30 mins. After that time has elapsed, you need to remove the ice pack for roughly 10 minutes and then repeat. Which over time the lack of blood flow ends up killing healthy tissue, hence leading to ganggren. First the ice would melt long before it caused frostbite. 2nd a penile canada goose outlet germany implant is considered an elective surgery and not needed for a life death situation. Why did he decide to have an penile implant at age 61? Although I canada goose outlet toronto address commend this gentleman for serving our country fighting canada goose outlet reviews for our freedom something with this story is missing. People who decide to sue do not think about the bigger picture. In cases such as this where you are going after the government, it is us taxpayers that will end up paying his $10 million payout if for some reason he wins. Canada Goose sale

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Canada Goose Jackets What missing from this story is your ability to imagine and empathize. First of all, they kept replacing the ice packs, apparently canada goose outlet boston without the requisite time in between. And why would a man have an implant canada goose jacket outlet store at age 61 perhaps canada goose outlet canada because he was using it. 61 is not old and it is way too young to give up sex if you don have to. Could be canada goose outlet in montreal a married guy, like my sweet sexy 68 year old husband. Even if he gets to the time when he can use it, I pretty sure he won want it cut off. The hospital was negligent and they owe him a fix! Really doesn matter if he is a veteran or just a human being. Canada Goose Jackets

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canadian goose jacket want a 60 year old to start acting like an old man? The day you turn 60, go retire and sit on the court house steps every day taking about the home run you hit in Little League. I am in my early 60 and can still do most of what I did when 40. I can retire because I never hit a home run in Little canada goose outlet store montreal League. clearly forgot to read the manual on how to properly troll this blog. Go get some TP for your mouth and make sure its nice and clean, then try again canadian goose jacket.


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